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Racism and How to Report It on Social Media

Updated: May 5

On Sunday, 03/20/2022, it was the semi-final day of the Carioca Championship between Flamengo and Vasco, and as a Flamengo supporter, I obviously watched the game. As usual, after the games, I tend to read the comments on Twitter about the match. Unfortunately, this time, I came across some tweets from a highly racist profile:

It's incredible how there are only black people in Flamengo's fanbase lol. What a tiny team.
Horrible monkey

The tweets from this profile sparked a collective outrage, and everyone who saw them, including myself, joined forces to report it. After all, racism is a crime, and we cannot accept this kind of situation anywhere:

Report this racist.
I unfollowed and unfollowed everyone who followed this jerk. If you followed him and didn't know about all this, and stopped following this imbecile when you found out, just send a DM, and I'll follow back.
I won't follow anyone who is complicit with this idiot

In accordance with our Brazilian Constitution, since 1989, racism has been considered a crime under Law 7,716. When these cases occur, they irritate and enrage us, but 'instead of just blocking the person who made the post or engaging in arguments through comments,' it's preferable to report. It is the best way to punish those who commit this crime.

To make it easier, below are the links on how to report when you come across any type of such content or situation on the major social media platforms

Twitter: Report a tweet

Facebook: Report something

Instagram: Report a post

This way, we will be combating those who commit this crime, working towards creating a more respectful digital environment and reducing this societal ill.

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