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Are you disposing of documents securely?

Updated: May 5

How do you dispose of documents that arrive at your home or those that are no longer needed in your business?

Have you ever thought that simply throwing away that invoice, bill, report, purchase receipts, condominium documents, or any other document containing personal or sensitive information in the trash exposes you or your company to risks?

Believe it or not, you may not even realize it, but someone with malicious intent can sift through the garbage generated from your building or company before the garbage truck takes everything away.

Medical information, company balance sheets, names, emails, phone numbers—all of this information is extremely valuable to someone looking to gain an illicit advantage.

The name of this practice of rummaging through trash for sensitive information in English is Dumpster Diving or Trashing.

Personally, I don't have a shredder at home yet, which would be ideal for me, but I usually cut up any document containing personal and sensitive information in a way that the information cannot be pieced together. Here's an example of what I do when I receive a delivery:

And what about you? Are you using any other method for disposal?

To complement our discussion, here are one interesting video that address the discussed topic:

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