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Do you organize your work environment?

Updated: May 5

If your answer to this question is "No," this article is especially dedicated to you. Here, I will show how important organizing your workspace is and what precautions you should take to avoid exposing your information, especially that of the company where you work.

To start, I ask you to take a quick look at the photo below:

Initially, you might be thinking, "Yes, Vitor, it's just a regular desk like any other, what's the problem?" Well, let's take a closer look at the photo this time. Before continuing to read the article, I would like you to tell me at least 5 things wrong in the image that can somehow expose your belongings, personal information, and especially that of the company. According to csoonline, there are a total of 20 things wrong in the image.





Even if you haven't been able to identify the 7 mistakes, let's list them here, describing the possible consequences of committing them and how to correct them:

  1. Password Written Down:

    • Consequence: Unauthorized access to sensitive information.

    • Solution: Memorize passwords or use secure password management tools.

2. Documents with Sensitive Information:

  • Consequence: Risk of information leakage.

  • Solution: Store sensitive documents securely, preferably in locked cabinets.

3. Security Key on the Desk:

  • Consequence: Unauthorized use of security keys.

  • Solution: Keep security keys secure, possibly on a keychain.

4. Unlocked Device:

  • Consequence: Unauthorized access to the device.

  • Solution: Implement automatic screen lock or manually lock devices when away.

5. Bulletin Board with Sensitive Information:

  • Consequence: Exposure of sensitive information.

  • Solution: Avoid displaying sensitive information publicly; use secure channels.

It might seem exaggerated to think that someone could take advantage of these mistakes to gain some kind of advantage, but don't doubt that it could happen. It's better to be very cautious and keep your security alert on.

To conclude, I reproduce here the reflection that Mário Peixoto made in his article:

Although not perceived as a widespread problem by most organizations, what can people do with the data you leave on your desk when you're absent?


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