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How often do you perform your backups?

Updated: May 5

Let’s agree with each other, many times we don’t give too much importance to make backup of our files, but it's only when something bad happens that we immediately have afraid to lose it, and just this way, we see how much value they have for us. Who never stays, for example, regretting for losing files that haven’t been backupped like the guy in the picture below?

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Some years ago we could use the apologies that we forget to make backups or why we don’t make them too frequently, but today, this apology is not accepted anymore, right!? At last, we have so many solutions in our favor that allow us to make data synchronization automatically to the cloud.

If in your personal computer or smartphone you don’t have certainty that this synchronization is working or what has been saved, or if it's not, this is the time to validate all the configurations. Below is a list of some links to support you in this validation:

For Iphone/Mac users

For Android/Windows users

Obviously, you can use something different from the links presented, like Dropbox, MEGA, Box... Regardless of what you are using, all of them have documentation available. Just don’t forget to guarantee that all configuration has been applied. So, any problem that happens with your device (computer/smartphone) will be possible to recover your data stored in the cloud.


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