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Where's the care with the badge!?

Updated: May 5

After two years of the pandemic, the arrival of the vaccine has allowed us to gradually return to "normal," although we still have to take precautions in various ways. The hybrid model is the talk of the town...

When we are in person, regardless of where you work, around noon, people usually gather to have lunch together. And during these lunches, if you eat in public places like malls, you may come across badges on the tables... I've lost count of the number of people I've seen reserving a table while getting food at a restaurant....

The badge, besides serving to identify that you are part of the company's employees, enables your entry and exit from the company or even access to restricted areas. Knowing this, a person with malicious intentions, if given the opportunity to get a badge left carelessly around, could forge it because they have a "template" in hand or use the one they stole to access the company's physical environment. Imagine if I wanted to collect them!? I would already have a nice collection, joking aside.

Your company may have a series of efficient physical access controls, such as turnstiles, biometrics, security guards, cameras, and more, but still, if someone with malicious intentions manages to get that darn badge, you can be sure that's halfway to them entering where they want without being noticed or even impersonating you...

Therefore, the message I want to convey is: Don't be careless with your badge, as you could create a situation like this. To illustrate everything I've talked to you about, take a look at these cases:

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