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Elections and hate speech on social media

And once again, history repeats itself: just like in previous presidential elections, on the last Sunday, October 2nd, as soon as the results of the first round of elections were announced, a wave of messages was unleashed against us Northerners, due to the PT (Workers' Party) candidate receiving a significant vote in the region, leading to the second round.

Before anyone attacks me, I would like to emphasize that none of the candidates running for president represent me. And even if they did, I wouldn't use this blog for that...

During this election period, you surely came across messages of prejudice and hatred on social media, but I made a point of bringing some just to show to what extent we have come

"You northeasterners have to die of hunger"

"Let's stop traveling to this farm. You sons of bitches"
Northeasterners vote for left-wing candidates and then leave their state to seek a better life in the South. That's Twitter.
We have a clear conclusion in these elections: the part of the country that receives the most assistance decides on the part of the country that contributes to the GDP

I am a native of João Pessoa and a proud Northeasterner, and if I say that I wasn't bothered by these messages, I would be lying. Logging into social networks like Facebook and Twitter this month is synonymous with being bombarded all the time with this discourse of hatred and prejudice.

Today, I live in São Paulo, and I tell you that I have never been a victim of this discourse of hatred and prejudice from the people I interact with. It doesn't mean that there aren't people who do this here, but we can't generalize that the people from the South or Southeast are this or that. The truth is that such people exist everywhere.

For those who think they can say anything on social media:

According to Law 7,716, created in 1989, prejudiced actions like these post-elections are considered a racial crime. The legislation determines imprisonment in a closed regime and a fine. The determination covers acts of discrimination or prejudice based on race, color, ethnicity, religion, or national origin. Therefore, to combat this crime and prejudice together, whenever you feel offended or come across such acts, report it! You can use the Safernet website, the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office website, Twitter, and/or Facebook for this purpose.

If we want Brazil to progress, it won't be with this discourse of hatred, prejudice, and disrespect that we will succeed!


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