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The Certification Journey

Updated: May 5

Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet, at the age of 10 in the Pokémon anime, already harbored the desire to become a Pokémon Master. To achieve this title, he embarked on a journey he could not have imagined.

The focus of this article is not on the Pokémon anime, but I would like to remind you of some parts to draw a small analogy.

In the first season, for Ash to participate in the Pokémon Indigo League, he needed to earn eight badges, which was no easy feat:

I'm on my journey too, obviously not the same as Ash's, of course! Haha. But, I have a big goal of being a great security and privacy professional, in analogy, it would be the 'Pokémon Master' that Ash always desired.

Like him, I am going through and will need to go through various adventures (*experiences) to get there, and for that, along the way, I also need to earn my badges (*certifications).

Whenever I set a goal to achieve a certification, I dedicate myself a lot to truly learn that content and later apply it in my daily life. This way, each achievement makes me an even better professional.

My certification journey began in 2017. This is my timeline:

2017 - Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27001(ISFS)

2018 - Information Security Management Professional based on ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMP)

2019 - Privacy and Data Protection Foundation (PDPF)

2020 - Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner (PDPP)

ITIL 4 Foundation

2021 - ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer

This journey full of learning, studies, and experiences gives me a lot of pleasure and always brings the desire to go further, and that's why I still have several certifications as goals.

I know that a certificate won't indicate whether we are a great professional or not, but if we take what we learn in these studies into practice, it's a perfect combination to go further and further.

What do you think about certifications?

How is your journey?

Are they adding value to you too?

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