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The English that Breaks Barriers

Updated: May 5

During my teenage years, in 2003, my parents gave me a golden opportunity to study English. I studied for several years, covering all the stages from the beginning to the advanced module.

I studied at the old Yázigi while I was living in João Pessoa and it was always very pleasurable to go to the classes. We learned by playing with a lot of interactions and engagement. There, I developed a potential that I never imagined I would use in the professional world.

We practiced a lot of reading, writing, and speaking during that time, covering different subjects, movies, travels, personal hobbies, music, and more.

After some years without practicing, I lost my fluency, but even without practicing speaking, to not let the ball drop, I continued watching TV series and movies without subtitles, studying information technology (IT), and information security (IS) materials in English.

Since the beginning of my career in 2013, I had the opportunity to face many situations where I needed to test my English. Today, not as much, but in the last consultancy company where I worked, I had the opportunity to make executive presentations, interview foreign people to understand processes... It was incredible experiences.

Vitor, but why are you telling me this?

My intention is to show you that learning English is essential because we can embrace incredible growing opportunities in the IT and IS areas. With it, you can, for example

  1. Deal with clients, service providers, and vendor support;

  2. Stay rapidly updated because news in the area appears first in English;

  3. Access excellent materials and books that sometimes are not available in our language;

  4. Follow certification processes without difficulty because most of them have an English platform, and the exams are not yet translated into our language.

Invest in English; don’t leave it for later!


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